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Discover inspiring projects to engage your students with learning a second language while fostering their individual creative skills!

Each pdf. is packed with comprehensive instructions on how to teach both the language and the art, along with engaging language activities, explanations for specific art techniques and links to our library of downloadable teaching resources.

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Mola art unit3.jpg
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Mola art

Learn about this traditional art technique from the Guna people in Panamá and Colombia while learning to use can / can't.

P1600412 mix.jpg


Make a collage of a landmark and learn to write a short message to a friend describing your favourite place.

Rose 45S.jpg


Illustrate a recipe while learning about the culture, vocabulary and grammar to talk about food and write step-by-step instructions.



Make a painting of a local bird and learn new vocabulary and structures
to describe its appearance and behaviour. 


Map Collage

Make a collage of a continent and learn new vocabulary to describe
landscape features.



Paint a self-portrait in the style of Frida Kahlo and learn to describe physical appearance and personality. 

Means of transport Spanish.jpg
Under the sea Spanish.jpg
jungle card.png

Language teaching resources

Download posters, flashcards and games to use in the ESL classroom (available in English, Spanish and blank so you can adapt it to your own language)

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